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TRUTH: 'Peacing' It Back Together is being released!  To get your copy of Part 1 of this new DVD series, please donate to this ministry which will be used to help fund the production of Part 2. If you are unable to donate, please email us directly so we can provide a copy for you. We want this crucial series to be available to anyone who is seeking truth or desires to share truth with others.

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Broken But Not Crushed Productions

Introducing Broken But Not Crushed!  If you feel depleted and discouraged, watch this...see how Christ is the game changer!  This video has brought many to tears.  God truly sees the world upside down from the way we do...what evil means for destruction, God can use for victory!  Keep trusting Him, especially when your faith is being tested the most.  I pray this changes your perspective and gives you much encouragement to keep pressing on!

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With a donation to this ministry, you can request a copy of TRUTH: Falling to 'Peaces', an 8 hour powerful video series that many have said was absolutely life changing.  This series will open your eyes to the many forms of false peace and light filling every segment of our daily lives.  What we are seeing are not random events...are we headed towards world peace or is this vision a trap?  This series is crucial, not only for the seasoned Christian, but also for a nonbeliever.  You will be shocked by the many puzzle 'peaces' we are surrounded by daily! 

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digital copies of falling to 'peaces' are now available

Who am I?

My background

Dana Malchow is an everyday, ordinary person who fully believes in the extraordinary God of the Bible. Her niche is cutting through complex, divisive, or misunderstood subjects in a simple, non-threatening way so that God’s character and truths are clearly evident. Through sharing with many on an individual basis as well as teaching group Bible studies for the past 17 years, she has learned how to create healthy dialogue that reinforces faith as well as equips people to share with others.  Dana is the founder of Word on the Street Productions, Inc. and producer of Falling to Peaces, a twelve part, 8-hour DVD series that navigates through the many “paths to peace” offered in our world today.  Dana’s ongoing goal with her grassroots ministry is to inspire other everyday people to be bold in standing for  truth! In the process of  her research, Dana connected with filmmaker and author Caryl Matrisciana and became heavily  involved in the production of her Wide is the Gate series. Caryl was a well known defender of truth exposing false teachings and helping people discern Biblical truth from error. Upon her death, Caryl appointed Dana to serve  on the Advisory Board for Caryl Productions. Prior to filmmaking, Dana was a veracious researcher upon her conversion to Christ and taught Bible studies and shared her faith for over 10 years.  

A Personal Note From Dana:

After finishing Falling to Peaces, my life literally fell to "peaces" in just about every way. I have experienced what it is like to be completely broken, but I truly believe the Lord will redeem all that has been lost in His own way and time. I hope and trust that what has been torn down was necessary to build something new. In the depths of our darkest moments, the question repeatedly comes: "Do I still believe God is good?"  I choose yes!  It has not always been easy, but I cling to that truth and promise.  I have been broken but NOT CRUSHED!  If there is one lesson I have learned, it is dying to self on a deeper level than I ever thought was possible.  It is not I who lives, but Christ in me!  In that place, there is no losing, no matter what the next chapters of   life brings.

My faith

I believe and defend the Word of God found in the Bible, which I know to be fully inspired, perfect and without error. It is the only truth that is the foundation of our lives and faith, and it is the only truth we can use as a plumb line to discern error in human beliefs and philosophies.  
I believe in one living Triune God who created all, upholds all, and governs all things. Our lives truly lie in the palm of His hands. I believe God the Father is infinite, eternal, personal, and holy, full of wisdom, power, and love. He hears and answers our prayers. He saves all those who repent of their sins through Jesus Christ, his son. I believe in Jesus Christ, His virgin birth, sinless life, miracles and teachings, atoning death on the cross, bodily resurrection, ascension into heaven, and coming return to earth. I truly believe that He is the only way, the truth, and the life. I believe that the Holy Spirit indwells in every believer in Jesus Christ who has repented of their sins and accepted his free gift of grace through faith. The Holy Spirit is our continual abiding helper, teacher, and counselor. I believe Jesus offered the most incredibly simple and beautiful message in the world: a free gift of salvation to anyone who trusts in Him as their Savior.  
I believe that Satan is the enemy of God who does all in his power to thwart God’s plans and purposes. He is an accuser, deceiver, adversary, and slanderer who is the ultimate counterfeit, mimicking all that God does in order to encourage us to align with him. He is the source behind every false cult and world religion. He will do everything in his power to oppose God and those who follow him. But his eventual destiny is defeat in the lake of fire.
I believe we are to be defenders of the true Gospel at all costs, which means valuing truth above unity. Truth cannot be compromised, no matter what the circumstances are. I believe Satan’s endgame is a one world religion, government, and financial system which will be hostile to anyone who believes Jesus is the only way, truth, and life.  

This ministry

I have met so many Christians who have been on the front lines as warriors for Christ who  have gone through the crucible of testing and tremendous trials. They have paid some of the ultimate costs, and some have given up the good fight. Whether it is being disowned by family members, shunned for standing for the true Gospel  in a church, accused falsely or persecuted, faced with a dissolved marriage, or plagued by health or financial problems, etc.,Christians are being  targeted by the enemy of God who wants them to give up and retreat! In the secular world, I love stories of people who have turned tragedy into motivation by starting organizations that eventually helped countless lives--like the mother who lost her son in a drunk driving accident who started MADD, or the father from America's Most Wanted who started that organization because of the traumatic murder of his son. I began to wonder what Christians out there have similar stories that could help inspire and encourage each other to re-engage in the battle for souls .   If you have one, please share with me below.  I envision the Broken But Not Crushed ministry to reinforce others with hope, truth, and strength...to go out and bear fruit in an ever more hostile and dark world.  This is the very beginning and I have so many ideas, but it starts with hearing from you! 

My first project with this ministry is a new DVD series called 'Peacing' It Back Together.  In contrast to  Falling to 'Peaces' where I showed truth being broken apart by the one world peace movement, this next series will show the puzzle pieces all coming back into place as truth, which stands the test of time and cannot be crushed.  I will walk through a birdseye view of the Bible, beginning with man losing peace with God and ending with peace being reestablished.  Major stumbling blocks to believing in the Bible will be addressed. Biblical history will be taught through the eyes of the spiritual battle waging between God and Satan and how it plays out in our  everyday lives still today.  This series is my first attempt at getting back onto the front lines! What the enemy means for destruction, God can use for a new work.  I pray you are inspired. Our story is not over...it may be just beginning!


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